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CAFPI introduces mortgage broking in Marocco

CAFPI launches broking in real loans to Morocco CAFPI was born in Morocco to make the real estate credit simpler and more accessible to each one. Objective: to offer to the purchasers d' a real estate most competitive rates of credit of the market. In addition to the work of selection of the real loans, l' ambition is d' to offer to its customers a total service. Thus, CAFPI studies the rates, l' entirety of the conditions of the credit, its insurances and its guarantees to lead to the total best offer, all confused criteria. Better and less expensive loans, c' is well… on the condition of being able to borrow! L' another combat carried out by CAFPI is to make the real estate credit accessible to greatest number.

But all d' access a little d' history. Who is CAFPI? Created in 1970, CAFPI is the French leader of the brokers in real loans of the market. With more than 1000 collaborators, it is present via 125 agencies branches in all France. In 2006, CAFPI treated nearly 30.000 files for 4,739 billion DH! As much to say, qu' in Morocco the potential is enormous, taking into account the dynamism of the real estate market supported by a very strong demand for residences.

More, we questioned Mr. Julien Stephan, Marketing director CAFPI Morocco.

Which are the objectives of CAPFI in Morocco in term of CA and development of the medium-term network?

Aujourd' today inevitable actor of the real estate credit in France, CAFPt s' the challenge of s' is launched; to extend beyond its borders, towards the country d' origin and of heart of its founders.

We estimate qu' in 2010 the production of real estate credit in Morocco will be of 100 Billion Dirhams. L' objective of CAFPI is d' to intervene in 3% to 5% of the production of credit in Morocco d' here 2010.D' here 2010, CAFPI wishes to open a minimum of 5 agencies, on l' together Moroccan territory.

There exist 125 open agencies CAFPI in France. They all into clean are, or a d' part; between them are developed by a system of frankness? If so, which are the conditions?

CAFPI always had the will d' to have a physical network good developed and close to its customers, on the ground.There thus was a strong development into clean. To support this geographical grid, the network is also supplemented by agencies of frankness.

They profit from the knowledge to make, the networks and volumes, and the notoriety of mark CAFPI. They must n the other hand respect engagements quality and ethical CAFPI, as well as the method of treatment of the files. A share of their figure d' business is used for the functions of support to the seat.

Concretely, qu' can CAFPI save with a borrower who has recourse to his services? How much does this service cost?

A borrower who consults CAFPI is a borrower who profits d' a council d' free expert. This expertise will be used to constitute the most powerful assembly often generating economies. Moreover, the conditions negotiated by CAFPI allow l' borrower to see l' economy directly on its monthly payment. If l' borrower accepts l' offer bank, then it must with CAFPI of the fees to replace the expenses of usual banking files. Expenses included, l' offer presented by CAFPI will be most competitive. The services of CAFPI are free in consultation. If l' borrower wishes chooses l' offer financing set up and selected by CAFPI, it will pay with CAFPI expenses of file, which vary according to the complexity of the assembly. If not it will not pay anything.

In is a banking context in Morocco characterized by a competition of frontage, in any case with regard to the rates applied to the real estate credits, which then your room for maneuver?

All d' access in term of real estate credit, it is necessary to speak d' offer credit, the rate n' is not all is. Who in Morocco east aujourd' today able to answer the following question: «this is more interesting d' to obtain a rate d' interest of 5,5% matched d' an annual insurance with 0,44% or a rate d' interest of 5% matched d' a rate d' insurance of 0,04% monthly magazine? » Cafpi can make you save l' money on this simple matter. It is also important to consider the conditions of refunding, in particular anticipated. Lastly, in term of rate, one would be wrong to think that competition is «of frontage». The banks have targeted offers: according to typologies of customer, each one will propose very competitive offers of credit to l' one or with l' other. Moreover, these offers are varied more and more. A flood of new loans emergent in Morocco (In Fine, Loan under SCI, smoothed or mixed loans), and their interest will have a growth without similar.

Can you give more precise details concerning the d' possibilities; insurances " Health Loss d' emploi" dependent on an acquisition?

L' d' obtaining; a real estate credit is always subordinated to the presentation of certain insurances. It s' acts to transfer on an insurer the risk from nonpayment of the expiries due to the bank. The guarantee death is the principal guarantee of the contract. The guarantee loss d' employment for example, intervenes during one given period of loss d' employment. L' ensured must be paid and under permanent contract. A time d' seniority at l' employer can be required. In the event of unemployment following a loss d' employment, is l' insurance refunds a quota of the monthly payment, that is to say it fills the loss of resources related to unemployment. Attention, it n' there does not have d' possibility; adhesion in the course of credit. Certain contracts group apply a 12 months frankness before l' compensation, d' others require the refunding of their services poured at the end of the credit! What to refuse a priori this guarantee however exceptional and exclusive with the real loan.

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