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74 CHALLENGE HEBDO Du samedi 26 juillet au vendredi 29 août 2008

'What matters is the capacity,
not the will to borrow'

THIS YES IMPORTS, C' IS THE CAPACITY AND NOT the D' NEED; EMPRUNTER' for negotiating a real loan well, it is necessary to have a contribution! You in the place of the banker imagine, if you must finance quelqu' one which n' do not manage to put d' money on side each month? S' it n' there now, would arrive why there it does not arrive tomorrow? It is thus strongly recommended d' to have put side of l' money each month during a few months at least front d' to go to negotiate. See your banker and will see a broker like CAFPI. Your banker will give you an offer of reference. CAFPI, thanks to its knowledge of the offers of banks, will tell you which d' type; offer is appropriate to you. You will know also this manner the maximum amount which you can borrow according to the organizations and under which conditions. Remain coherent in your request: if you have already many debts, you will not be able to ask large for thing. All that says n' is not inevitably applicable: qu' such qu' says to you; it is possible d' to have such rate does not mean that it will be the case for everyone and for all the durations! When you look at several offers, you do not stop at the simple rate! Compare l' offer credit as a whole. Total costs of the financing, including the cost of l' insurance, is much more significant. Look at also your conditions of exit: advance payment and other. If one day you wish to move for more a large surface, that could change you the life! N' never forget that what is important when you negotiate a rate, c' is your borrowing power, not your d' need; to borrow. A broker as CAFPI can help you to build the best offer and to negotiate it for you near the banks so d' to obtain the best conditions. Here an example of some councils that l' one lavishes according to the profile of customers to which one has to make.


Note: with the constant rise of the prices of l' real estate, a tendency to research d' increasingly small or offset dwellings appears impossible to circumvent. However, it will be increasingly more profitable d' to reach the property, even if it means to make sacrifices in terms of surface, to pay a rent «thrown by the window». The behavior: the single people seek appropriations atfixed rate, by fear of the variable. Statistically, the single people leave their housing between 5 and 7 years after l' acquisition. The single people thus can reasonably s' to interest in the credit influctuating rate, especially s' it is wrapped (limited to the rise and the fall), which will be less expensive than the fixed rate. Good namely: the consumer credits burden the capacity d' debt: not to buy its car before d' to buy its main home! To have a contribution is also a true asset. Caution: Because of l' activation in general d' a rembour- sow anticipated at the end of a few years, it is impor- to negotiate the allowances of advance payment so much. The product best adapted: Traditional loan, atwrapped fluctuating rate, even fixes over one 25 years duration.


Note: L' one of the d' main difficulties; a couple wishing s' to increase is the management of the period criticizes between l' old and the new apartment. The behavior: Considering the rise of the prices, the couples need the product of the sale to buy the new good. For that, a specific product, the loan Relay, makes it possible to be simplified the life: one lends the amount to you which you will obtain from your sale. Good namely: Whether the couple is firstly-reaching or qu' he wants s' to increase, the coemprunt makes it possible the young couple d' to increase its capacity d' loan, and thus d' to buy larger. L' plate of the capacity d' loan becomes the income of households and either that of the household head. Caution: Interim interest can weaken l' équi free, it is necessary to choose its loan relay with prudence. The product best adapted: Loan Relay, in coemprunt, atfixed rate, over one duration from 20 to 25 years.


Note: The couples with modest incomes are out of Ge néral in difficulty vis-a-vis the current prices of l' real estate. The behavior: They seek to lower to the maximum the overall costs of l' acquisition and are thus tried speaks key money. Unfortunately, this solution is with difficulty finançable. Good namely: Specific products were set up by l' State to facilitate l' possibility of home-ownership of the borrowers with modest incomes: Fogarim (foundation Mohamed V), Fogalef and Plan d' Save Logement (fon Mohammed VI dation), the Central Case of Guarantee… Attention: Economic residences n' do not escape the rise from the prices, in spite of the assistances of l' State. Seek the most competitive promoters and projects, and ensure that l' one can borrow before depositing 15.000 DFI of reservation. The product best adapted: Officially agreed loan, out of Co loan, atfixed rate, over one 25 years duration.


Note: Cherished by the banks, they are sensitive to the quality of the financial partner (grid of the territory, quality of service and of personalized councils, and especially services). The behavior: They use the real estate credit as lever and not as obligation and seek perfor mance. They s' interest more and more in l' rental investment. Good namely: They can call upon assemblies comple xes to optimize their placement: SCI, Loan In Fine, Smoothing défiscalisa gift in particular. Caution: The new tax on the vacant housings, in small papers, can pose problem in the purchases spécu not rented lative cases, the product best adapted: prêtin fine, on a duréede 15 years. Morrocans resident with l' foreigner Note: a distance of the town of Mar rakech is in hand for the locative because of l' im bearing pressure of l' offer current still uninhabited. The behavior: They are in general interested by the locative or the secondary house. Good namely: They have many advantages with their disposi tion on the Moroccan market: they are courted. For example, their capacity d' debt can go jusqu' to 45% at cer taines financial institutions (banks), against quasi lawful 33% in France. Caution: The principal problem is the weak duration of their stay in Morocco. They must choose the good and its financing jointly during this short stay. Solutions exist: for example, CAFPI constitutes the remote file so that the releasing of the funds on the spot is done as fast as possible. The product best adapted: Traditional loan, atfixed rate, over the one shortest possible duration.


CAFPI is the first broker in real loan in Morocco. The d' role; a broker in this case is to negotiate for you the best rates, or to make in d' kind; to obtain in a general way the best conditions! duration, insurance, échéan these… 1 for your real loan. Concretely, how that does it occur? «When we ren counter our customers, we ask for a whole list of documents to them to evaluate their profit, to make in qu' kind; they have a competitive file», explains Youssef Chraïbi, associated director of CAFPI. Actually, c' is a rather long-term relation which s' install between the broker and the customer, because not less than 6 to 7 go, in other words approximately three months, are necessary to the assembly of the dossier which will be presented to the bank. All the aspects of the loan reviewed point by point with the customer, in order to l' to direct towards l' offer banking which corresponds to him more. Because beyond the simple fact of comparing the various offers of the banks, it s' acts to take into account the specificity of each customer. For some, which imports, c' is that the duration of the loan is longest possible; for d' others, it s' acts to find a bank which offers a contribution of 100% finally, for the foreigners, c' known as releasing is the rapi which will be t' crucial factor. «We are to some extent wholesalers in real loan. As we drain vo lume for the banks, we have the capacity to negotiate the prices. Then, as we dissect l' together offers of the banks, since c' is our trade, we are more with same d' to direct the customers towards the bank which meets their need best. In d' other terms, we make to measure: we concentrate on the customer requirements, whereas the banks test d' to direct the customer towards a standard product qu' it already conceived. As regards the remuneration of CAFPI, only the expenses of files are to be regulated l' once; concluded business. An amount which n' is not excessive according to management, because l' essence of the remuneration of the broker in real loan is done via the clerks sions perceived near the banks.


Note: Their large problems are l' d' absence; in terlocuteurs of quality and the speed d' obtaining l' offer real loan. The behavior: They are petitioning structured financings.

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