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To get a loan you allways have to get an insurance as well. The insurance covers the bank in case of death most of the time, sometimes in others cases as well.

The insurance covers mainly the banks, but it also can be a good back up for you in case of grave problems on your side : incapacity to repay the loan because of physical of social issues.

Some of these insurances are mandatory to get a loan in Morocco, but CAFPI will help you sign the best insurance deal in Morocco.

Global agreements

The global deal is an agreement signed between the bank and the insurance company for the bank's customers. The rate is usually lower than the strandard rate the bank would have applied. The rate will be the same whatever your age.

The way of billing is usually pretty simple : with the same rate whatever your age. The rate is applied on yearly or monthly basis.

The inconvienient in the fact that the rate is the same whatever your age is for younger non smoking people. CAFPI often obtains rebates for young or non smoking persons, or by comparing various insurance companies.

Insurance delegation

You can subscribe to a personnal insurance via our partners

With insurance delegation, you'll be able to access to other insurance services than you would have firslty with the standard global bank offer.

The types of insurances that can be tyied to your loan.

Death insurance
Disability insurance
Temporary disability insurance
Unemployment insurance

Tax reductions

Tax reductions

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