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CAFPI is the first mortgage broker in Morocco

Broking in real loans French CAFPI s' install in Morocco

C' is the first operator to carry on this activity with the Kingdom.

boom of l' real estate attracts the foreign investors more and more. New services, jusqu' with now absent in Morocco, make their entry on the market. C' is the case of broking in real loans.

This service was imported by French Cafpi who comes d' to open an agency in Casablanca to profit from the banking and economic dynamics which our country knows. The choice of the economic capital n' is not fortuitous. According to the signal management «Its real estate market makes great strides without precedent supported by the request of the strong Moroccan community resident with l' foreigner originating in the economic capital». Without forgetting the fact that the area of Large Casablanca, which counts 12% of the total population of Morocco, is under full economic development. Moreover, 50% of the real estate credits, are a volume of 24 billion DH in 2007, are allocated with the inhabitants of this area, which represents a market at strong potential. And this, without forgetting the strong demand for l' emanating access to the property of the middle-class and the young couples, the democratization of the appropriations, l' accompaniment of l' State and l' passion of the RME for l' acquisition d' a residence in Morocco. All these ingredients encouraged the French group to develop in Morocco, after l' England and Luxembourg. «Cafpi remains faithful to l' one of the values which make its success: the proximity», specifies the network. For any person having a d' project; real purchase in Morocco, Cafpi proposes to make the turn of the offers of credit of the Moroccan banks and to submit to the customers the best proposal. It offers a service of financial montage and d' accompaniment with the constitution of the file, thus qu' an assistance in all the steps related to the installation of the real loan. It brings, thus, with the real purchasers a service d' accompaniment with the financing of their project in Morocco.

And due, with the multiplication of the formulas of loans, the difficulties of controlling the legal aspects of them, the questions about the real performance of the rates suggested… l' d' helps; a professional s' impose As for the Moroccan diaspora, it profits from the network d' agencies CAFPI in France and of its international platform for l' to help to set up the financing since its home country. For all, CAFPI offers free on its Internet site www.cafpi-creditimmobilier.ma of the tools intended to help l' purchaser in Morocco.

A guide of l' purchase and of the real financing and the simulators designed especially for the Moroccan market form in particular part of the solutions placed at the disposal.


The large channels of distribution of real goods in Morocco are:
> Estate agencies: often Moroccan even foreign. The cost of the estate agencies is, in general of 2,5% for the purchasers and 2,5% for the salesmen
> The «Samsar» or «Smasria»: independent, not structured and disorganized real estate agents, proposing as a whole the largest panel of l' offer Moroccan real goods. Their remuneration is, because of his abstract character, lower than that of the agencies.
> Internet: fed at the same time by the estate agencies and the sites d' advertisements on line. Their remuneration is in general lower than that of the physical estate agencies.
> roperty developers: significant, likely to have an offer of good being appropriate for your research.
> Magazines and reviews (turn-key), living rooms: They are specific, and make reference to the offers of the principal promoters and estate agencies.

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