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Our job

Our job

CAFPI is a mortgage broker between individuals and banks

CAFPI works for our customers to find to very best loan deals in Morocco, to perfectly fit our customers needs.

CAFPI studies amongst many things : the interest rates, fixed or variable, and everything around the loan.

CAFPI offers to individuals better mortgage conditions than if they had been negociating by themselves.

CAFPI makes it easier to get a loan !

For each and every of its customers, CAFPI looks at all the local banks offers, compares them, to give its customers to very best conditions for their loan in Morocco.

CAFPI's advisors :

  • Sound knowledge of the current loan offers in Morocco
  • KnowHow of the interest rates offers
  • Knowledge of the local banks and sources of financing
  • Negotiation capacity because of the huge volumes of loan CAFPI handles in Morocco.
  • Capacity to help building financial or legal reponses to complex investing situations.

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