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Our offers

The types of loans

The know how of CAFPI's advisors is your best tool to get your loan deal in Morocco, and undestanding the reglementation, foreign trade offices, interest rates, downpayment and ohter legal in Morocco.

After listenning to the specificities of your project, the CAFPI advisors will offer the best solution, built for you with you, fitting exactly your needs and your profile.

Fixed or variable rates ?

Fixed interest rates are without "surprises"very safe for a long term investment.
Variable Interest Rates may offer good opportunities with rates variations.

The types of loans

The open loan is open to everybody, without limitations

The carry-on loan : enables to bridge the sales of your past good and the financing of the new one.

The in fine loan : if you buy to rent mainly, you can get very good tax reduction with this type of loan.

The mortgage based loan : to get quickly access to a large amount of money

The loan options

Modulating the payment dates From variable rates to fixed rates Mixing Lissage Length of the loans Examption, partial examption Repayment before due date

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