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Fixed or Variable rates?

If the amount of the interest rate if key, the conditions around it are also very important !

Fixed interest rates - Advantage : the safest solution for an investment is done at a time where the interest rates are low.
- Disadvantage : More expensive than variable interest rates, and the interest rates will not get any lower during your repayment length, even if the interest rates in the market get lower.

Our advice : It's a very good solution when you plan on selling 10 years later; and when the interest rates are low.

Variable Interest Rates

These are rates witout ceiling limits

- Advantages : Usually the lowest monthly repayment amounts in the market ! They also get lower if the interest rates in the market get lower.
- Disadvantage : High risk. Indeed, when the market interest rates are raising, your interest rates are raising as well.

Tips : You can get acces capped or floored interest rates, which means the interest rates can not go above capped or below floored limits.

Our opinion : Very good solution when you want to buy for renting, or for young people who plan on selling to get a bigger place a couple of years later.

Capped Interest Rates

- Advantages : Less expensive than fixed interest rates, it offers the benefits or decreases of the market interest rates, together with limiting the risk of an increase of the market interest rates.
- Disadvantage : When the market interest rates increase, your monthly repayments increase as well.

Our opinion : A good choice when you plan on selling back 5 to 10 years later. We advise a modulation option that enables to limit the increase of the monthly repayment by increasing the length of the repayment.

This condition heavily limits the advantage of a low interest rate warranty, mainly for construction and renovation financed through a loan.

More information in the types of loans.

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